The enigmas that enclose the planets of the solar system

Throughout history man has shown his fascination for the cosmos and for all the celestial bodies that integrate it, our ancestors gave name to every star and constellation that their eyes could reach and in the last years astronomy has shown important

Advances in the knowledge of our universe supported in the capacities of super advanced telescopes, however, when turning towards the planets of the solar system we realize that there are many enigmas that still have not been solved or that perhaps their answers are known but not the Have wanted to publish obeying petty interests. Is there life on other planets in the solar system?

We have testimonies and evidence that in ancient times man or at least some members of our species like the genius Nikola Tesla have had communication with extraterrestrial beings, however we have not been able to confirm their exact origin if they come from some of the planets of the Solar system or if its origin is from somewhere beyond our galaxy.

Officially, NASA and other space agency expeditions have explored various planets in the solar system with probes equipped with cameras and speakers that emit messages in all languages ​​with the intention of confirming the presence of intelligent life on other planets and although they have reported certain Advances to the public, we have solid reasons to suppose that they have not said everything they know about this subject reserving most of this information as a state secret, to which only the economic elites and their relatives belonging to masonic sects such as the Illuminati .

Planets in ruins We have sources very closely linked to the scientific world that indicate that in a variety of planets of our milky way have been found ruins that are vestiges of ancient civilizations very advanced, which have gone through processes of self-destruction caused by the excessive development Without environmental responsibility.

This confirms the theories that have gained strength in recent years in high-level scientific community groups, which claim that several of the planets in the solar system were inhabited until thousands of years ago, but in some cases their Societies were destroyed by the punishment of superior entities and in others by natural disasters caused by the development of nuclear energy or by air pollution.

It is evident that the dominant elite is not interested in the world’s population being aware of the consequences that the actions and the lifestyle that we have on our planet have brought to other worlds, they justify their measures of censorship as dispositions to maintain the Calm and public order, but their true reasons are that they show such contempt for life that they do not care to continue to profit unlimitedly so this will cause the destruction of our planet.

The degradation of Pluto It turns out that we have had access to reports that indicate that Pluto has very similar environmental conditions to the earth and that there is not only life there but it constitutes a neutral zone that has been soothes of countless meetings of beings of different planets and galaxies Including human beings, to address issues of universal concern.

So their degradation of the planet category of the solar system is a further attempt by power elites to divert attention from what is really happening beyond the limits of our planet and to abrogate for themselves the right to represent us in any Agreement of universal scope.

It is time to raise your voice so that the world will know what is really happening on our planet and beyond, there is much we can do to avoid imminent destruction as has happened to other planets in the solar system. You can start right now by sharing this article on your social networks for the enjoyment and awareness of your friends.